Death and funerals Customs in Egypt

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The customs of death & the customs of the funerals, the Egyptian people are considered very distinguished from the rest of the peoples. Where the customs and traditions of the funerals are mostly Pharaonic customs and in Upper Egypt

The women at the funerals probably slash their clothes. And by placing the ashes of the furnaces over their heads as a kind of expression of intense sadness, and wailing and wailing are done in a loud voice and in certain terms, with slapping the cheeks, in order to highlight the great position of the dead among his family and the intense sadness for him. A reading of the Holy Qur’an is also rented for reading at night in the so-called shrouds, as well as washing the clothes of the dead to get rid of his soul, which is represented in his clothes, and also after forty days of a death, the so-called Qadi’s bite ( Egyptian Swaet food )is done on the fortieth day of his death, and visit the grave every Eid.

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