Marriage Traditions in Egypt


Marriage is considered one of the most important social institutions in Egypt, and it is steeped in tradition and religious significance. Here are some of the key traditions surrounding marriage in Egypt:

  1. Engagement: The engagement process in Egypt typically begins with the suitor’s family visiting the prospective bride’s family to ask for her hand in marriage. If the bride’s family agrees, the couple is considered betrothed, although the formal engagement ceremony usually takes place later.

  2. Shabka: The shabka is a traditional ceremony in which the groom’s family presents the bride with gifts and jewelry, usually including a gold necklace or bracelet. This ceremony symbolizes the groom’s commitment to providing for his bride.
  3. Henna Night: A popular tradition in Egypt is the henna night, which is a pre-wedding party held for the bride and groom separately. The bride’s henna night is typically held at her family’s home and involves applying henna tattoos to her hands and feet. The groom’s party usually involves singing and dancing, as well as the exchange of gifts.

  4. Wedding Ceremony: The wedding ceremony in Egypt varies depending on the region and the religion of the couple, but it usually involves the recitation of Quranic verses and the exchange of vows. Egyptian Christian weddings often take place in a church and include the signing of a marriage contract, while Muslim weddings are typically held in a mosque or at the home of the bride’s family.
  5. Wedding Reception: The wedding reception is usually a large celebration with family and friends, and it often includes traditional Egyptian music and dancing. Guests also typically bring gifts for the newlyweds.
  6. Post-Wedding Traditions: In Egypt, there are several post-wedding traditions that are observed, such as the groom presenting his bride with a set of keys to their new home as a symbol of his commitment to providing for her. The bride’s family may also provide the couple with a dowry, which is a traditional gift of money or property.

Overall, marriage in Egypt is steeped in tradition and religious significance, with many customs and rituals that have been passed down for generations.


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