Egyptian synagogues have a rich history that goes back centuries, reflecting the country’s diverse cultural and religious tapestry. These synagogues, once vibrant centers of Jewish life and spirituality, are concentrated in Cairo and Alexandria, showcasing unique architectural styles influenced by Islamic and Egyptian motifs. Despite the decline in the Jewish population in Egypt over the years, these synagogues still hold significant cultural and historical value. Many of them have been recognized as heritage sites, attracting visitors who seek to explore the remnants of Egypt’s Jewish community and witness the vibrant mosaic of religions that once thrived in this ancient land.

  • How many synagogues are there in Egypt?
    There are currently 9 active synagogues in Egypt.
  • Are synagogues open to the public?
    Yes, most synagogues in Egypt are open to the public, although certain restrictions may apply.
  • What is the history of synagogues in Egypt?
    Egypt has a long history of Jewish presence dating back over 2,000 years. Synagogues were built and used by the Jewish community throughout various periods, including during the time of ancient Egypt, the Islamic era, and the Ottoman Empire.
  • Are there any famous synagogues in Egypt?
    Yes, the Ben Ezra Synagogue in Cairo is one of the most famous synagogues in Egypt. It has a rich history and is considered one of the oldest synagogues in the country.
  • How many Jews are currently living in Egypt?
    The Jewish population in Egypt has significantly declined over the past century. As of 2021, there are estimated to be less than 15 Jews living in the country.
  • Is it safe for Jews to visit synagogues in Egypt?
    While Egypt has a generally safe environment for tourists, it is recommended that visitors exercise caution and follow any security guidelines provided by local authorities when visiting synagogues or other religious sites.
  • Are there any specific rituals or practices observed in Egyptian synagogues?
    Jewish worship and rituals in Egyptian synagogues generally follow traditional practices observed in other Jewish communities. These may include prayer, Torah readings, and various holiday observances.
  • Are there any upcoming events or celebrations in Egyptian synagogues?
    Events and celebrations in Egyptian synagogues may vary from year to year. It is advisable to contact individual synagogues or Jewish organizations for information on specific upcoming events.
  • Are there any efforts to preserve or restore historical synagogues in Egypt?
    There have been some efforts in recent years to preserve and restore historical synagogues in Egypt. The Egyptian government, in collaboration with international organizations and Jewish communities, has worked on restoring synagogues such as the Eliahu Hanavi Synagogue in Alexandria.
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